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IP Counsel And Representation

What Tools Will You Use To Safeguard Your Business Identity?

A business’s brand and public identity are key to its success in the marketplace. At Kobler IP, LLC, I use trademarks, service marks and other protections to keep your business’s products, identity and brand under your control.

My name is George Kobler, and I founded Kobler IP, LLC, with the express purpose of protecting intellectual property (IP), copyright and patents for individuals and businesses across the nation. I have decades of experience in this unique area of law and use this information to save clients time, money and potential legal challenges. Come into my Huntsville office or call me at 256-696-6248 to talk about your options.

Trademark Law Offers You Control Over Your Work

Trademarks, service marks, trade dress and “trade secrets” have tremendous value for businesses of all types, not just those related to technology or new inventions. Trademarks can apply to:

  • Logos, mottos and slogans
  • Photographs, graphic designs and art
  • Chemicals, equipment, medicines or makeup
  • Certain foods and drinks

Trademarks give you the power to pursue trademark infringement if another company uses the same or similar marketing, naming or other branding elements. In addition to registering your trademarks, I can help you pursue reparations for trademark infringement and help you protect your trademarks throughout the life of your business.

Over 20 Years Of Experience In Trademark And IP Law

Throughout the years, I have assisted dozens of clients in obtaining and pursuing their rights under trademark law. I invite you to sit down with me and discuss how trademarks can benefit your business. Contact me today, no matter where in the nation you are based.