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Stop Taking Risks With Your Intellectual Property

A seemingly innocuous conversation can put your intellectual property (IP) rights at risk because the legal system has a difficult time discerning the origin of an idea or other non-tangible property. You must take steps to protect your designs and creative property from the very beginning of your projects.

Your Work Is Valuable, And It Is Worth Taking Legal Precautions

Throughout the course of your work, whether you are creating new equipment designs, writing computer code or working in the visual arts, your work is vulnerable to infringement. This is especially true at any point when you discuss your work with another, even if that person is a confidant, mentor or friend. From here on out, you should:

  • Reach out to an IP lawyer
  • Record your ideas and maintain ongoing project notes with accurate dates and details
  • Be cautious about who you speak to about your ideas and keep that list limited
  • Put a copyright notice on any works to which copyright may apply
  • Be proactive about your IP

Initial patent filings, proper documentation and well-regarded legal counsel can go a long way to preserving your work throughout the collaborative process.

A Note On Copyright

Copyright law applies to more than images or written works; it also applies to processes, computer code, music and other works. Do not neglect your copyright because you are unsure if copyright laws apply; get the right information.

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